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SurfaceNet GmbH located in RHEINE, Germany in Parasynthese was founded in 2003. SurfaceNet offers a wide range of products for the scientific and industrial world of electronics and optics. Our main target is the so called “crystal world”. We produce materials like raw crystals, substrates with surfaces in highest finish and components made out of single crystals like substrates, deposition materials like targets and a wide range of machinery materials.

Most of the processed crystals are synthetic crystals made by man but we work also with natural materials as not every chemical composition is available as synthetic crystal.

Moreover we supply special chemicals in highest purity for material sciences and production.

A new activity is the laboratory measurement service to qualify materials and check material qualities.

In all of these fields of activity we offer consulting and advise.

Our task is to work on the high end front of material production and research.

Crystal Pictures   Lattice Models Pictures   Equipment Models

Crystals Pictures

  Lattice Models Pictures   Equipment Models
Factory View    Substrates   Targets
Factory view