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High-purity monocrystals
for industrial and research

High-purity monocrystals
Whether industrial applications in electronics, photonics and mechanics or research applications in superconductor, nuclear or sensor technologies SurfaceNet delivers monocrystals and components or devices.

In the most important technologies of the future and related research projects there is now a constantly increasing demand for industrial monocrystals and monocrystal products of optimum quality. The escalating requirements of the homogeneity, purity and size of the crystals without doubt are almost impossible to meet with conventional methods of crystal growth.

CCFCG Process

The parameters required for crystal growth such as e.g. crystal length, crystal diameter, rotation and pulling rate are defined before the start of the CCFCG process. After entering the data, the process runs completely automatically, controlled via microprocessors. Throughout the entire operation of the unit, all the necessary measurements, gas pressures, energy physical parameters are performed continuously according to each control cycle.

To achieve the shortest possible cycle time, the main computer is assisted by their further independent subsystems. The data on the crystal weight determinations, gas regulation and optical crystal measurement are exchanged between the individual subsystems and the main computer and are implemented in the process control.

After calculating the crystal shape and additional crystal growth, the computer determines the control values to be sent back to the unit. The pulling rate can be varied from 0,3 to 15 mm/h and the rotation of the crystal from 1 to 60 rpm.

The computer also displays a protocol on the screen.
A plotter enables the instantaneous crystal shape or the thermodynamic state of the oven to be shown graphically at any time.

Manual interventions when the growing process is in progress are possible via a simulation computer, without interrupting the process. At the same time, trends can be analyzed and optimizations performed. An electronic metering device guarantees absolute precision in the material feed.

The automatically grown crystals are circular in diameter. The automatic control prevents that areas, since the control deviation of the growth parameters is max. 3 %. In contrast ton conventionally grown crystals, the useful cross section and useful length of CCFCG crystals almost corresponds to the actual dimensions.


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