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Lattice models / Crystallographic (Formulas)

Crystallographic Miniature Models (Formeln) - K-L

Kaolinite Al2(OH)4Si2O5
Kyanite Al2SiO5
Kyanite a-Lactose monohydrate C12H22O11.H2O
Laminaribiose a- and b- monoclinic C12O11H22
Laminaribiose a- orthorhombic C12O11H22
Langasite La3Ga3SiO14
Lanthanum Copper Oxide La2CuO4
Lanthanum Copper Oxide La3Cu2O6
Lanthanum Fluoride LaF3
Lantahnum Gallium Silicon Oxide (Langasite) La3Ga3SiO14
Lanthanum Hydride LaH3
Lanthanum Magnesium Borate LaMgB5O10
Lanthanum Sesquioxide La2O3
Lawsonite CaAl2(Si2O7)(OH)2.H2O
Lead (II) Chloride Hydride PbHCl
Lead (II) Chloride PbCl2
Lead (II) Chloride Fluoride (Matlockite) PbFCl
Lead Fluoride (orthorhombic) PbF2
Lead Fluoride (cubic) PbF2
Lead Molybdate (Wulfenite) PbMoO4
Lead Molybdenum Sulphide PbMo6S8
Lead Orthophosphate PbP2O7
Lead (II) Oxide (tetragonal) PbO
Lead Oxide (Red Lead) Pb3O4
Lead Phosphate High Temperature Pb3(PO4)2
Lead Phosphate Room Temperature Pb3(PO4)2
Lead Strontium Neodymium Copper Oxide Pb2Sr2NdCu3O8
Lead Tetrapolyphosphate Pb3P4O13
Lead Tungstate (tetragonal) PbWO4
Lead Tungstate (monoclinic) PbWO4
Lepidocrocite FeO.OH
Leucite KAlSi2O6
Levyne Linde Molecular Sieve, type A - Supercage
Linde Molecular Sieve, Unit cell Linde Molecular Sieve, type L - Unit cell (4 channels, 1 channels)
Lithium Aluminium LiAl
Lithium Aluminium Silicate (Spodumene) LiAl(SiO3)2
Lithium Antimony Oxide Li3SbO4
Lithium Antimony Oxide LiSb3O8
Lithium Calcium Aluminium Fluoride LiCaAlF6
Lithium Cobalt Oxide LiCoO2
Lithium Copper Tin Li2CuSn
Lithium Hydroxide LiOH
Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4
Lithium Manganese Antimonide LiMnSb
Lithium Manganese Oxide LiMn2O4
Lithium Manganese(IV) Oxide Li2MnO3
Lithium Metasilicate Li2SiO3
Lithium Niobate hexagonal cell LiNbO3
Lithium Niobate face centred rhombohedral type cell LiNbO3
Lithium Orthosilicate Li4SiO4
Lithium Rhodium Hydride Li3RhH4
Lithium Ruthenium Hydride Li4RuH6
Lithium Tantalate LiTaO3
Lithium Tetraborate Li2B4O7
Lithium Triborate LiB3O5
Lithium Trimetaphosphate Li3P3O9.3H2O
Lithium Yttrium Fluoride LiYF4
Lonsdaleite C
Lutetium Iridium Silicide Lu5Ir4Si10
Lutetium Nickel Boride LuNi2B2
Lutetium Nickel Borocarbide LuNi2B2C
Lutetium Silicon Pentoxide Lu2SiO5
a-Lyxose C5O5H10
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